Leave in Conditioner

How Leave-In Conditioner Softens Your Hair

Leave in Conditioner - Soften and define your hair's style with leave-in conditioning products designed to make you look great while keeping your hair nourished and healthy. Leave-in conditioners make a fantastic alternative to sticky, heavy styling gels because they are formulated to retain your hair's natural oils. Unlike sprays and pomades, which stick to the exterior of your hair and effectively glue it in place, conditioner nourishes the core of each hair. It's like a multi-vitamin for your hair. And with a wide range of options on the market today, you're sure to find the perfect go-to for taming flyaways, boosting shine, and smoothing your coif.

Pro Locks Crack Leave-In Hair Treatment

They don't call it Crack for nothing. Crack by Pro Locks is so effective, lightweight, and dependable, you'll never need another leave-in styling cream. It's lightweight, ultra-moisturizing composition is perfect for beating flyaways, even on super-humid days. At the pool, use Crack to protect sensitive hair from harmful UV rays and damaging chlorine. Slip the tiny blue bottle into your purse or briefcase for anytime touch-ups during the day. Crack's unique deep-conditioning formula won't stress or dry out your hair-even if it's curly. Try Pro Locks' Crack and appreciate the difference of leave-in conditioning.

Leave in Conditioner
- The secret behind Crack's ultra-effective moisture-delivery system is in its advanced, protein rich formula. Micro-proteins and power peptides penetrate hair cuticles on contact, closing each individual follicle in a keratinous bond. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein naturally present in the bodies of many animals, including amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals. Healthy and plentiful keratin means shining, beautiful skin and nails! Crack's role as a keratin delivery system is an important one. You'll love the results: less frizz, more definition, and tons of moisture, instantly.

Whether your hair is dry, curling out of control, wavy or just stressed, Crack will work double duty, repairing damage from the inside out, while whipping it into perfect style. There's no need to split the difference between looking great and feeling great anymore... Crack acts as both a medicinal balm and cosmetic advantage. And you can bid greasy heaviness a fond farewell-Crack is also feather light. Claim unbeatable control without the burden of heavy products.

For anyone devoted to daily heat styling, Crack provides a wonderful protective barrier between heat and sensitive hair follicles. Crack conveys only the heat necessary for effective styling, while keeping hair protected and sealed off from damaging thermal energy. If you suspect that daily heat styling is to blame for excessively dried out locks, don't throw out that hair /curling iron/straightening iron just yet. Simply style hair with a small amount of Crack before applying heat and you'll see an instant improvement in overall moisture, shine and touchability.

Crack is a professional quality styling product designed by experienced stylists and used by top-tier beauticians the world over. At premium prices, you can achieve salon quality results at a tiny fraction of the price. And for friends who struggle with maintaining frizzy tresses, Crack makes a humorous and fabulously useful gift! Keep a tube of Crack on hand everywhere you go: the office, a friend's home, the gym... it's so easy to apply and so effective, you can achieve a smooth, put-together look, no matter where you find yourself rushing off to.

For anyone who has had their fill of sticky, heavy gels and sprays that leave hair feeling stiff and dry, leave-in conditioning treatments can be an excellent alternative. Stylists everywhere are discovering the nutritive benefits to styling hair with vitamin-loaded conditioning products, rather than styling gunks that look sharp for 10 minutes, then flake and evaporate. Make the change to leave-in conditioning products now and your hair will enjoy an immediate boost in shine, movement and overall health. And in three months time, the effects will be dramatic. Crack is a wonderful example double-duty conditioning treatments that style as they repair even long-term damage to hair. Suitable for any mature hair texture and style, it's especially beneficial for dry, damaged, coarse or curly hair.

Try heat styling with Crack and enjoy the benefits of advanced follicle protection and greater styling control. Create gorgeous definition, sleek straight styles, and perfect curls, all minus the damage usually associated with aggressive heat styling. Many have come to expect a certain degree of damage to accompany effective thermal styling. Now, thanks to great, innovative products like Pro Locks Crack Leave-In Hair Treatment, this type of hair abuse is simply obsolete! Do your look and your hair a favor by styling with leave-in conditioners and leave those heavy gels and sprays in the medicine cabinet.



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